You Can Freeze A Beer. It’s Fine: The Perfect Pour #294

Can you actually freeze beer? Yes. It will freeze. Anybody that has put their beer into the freezer to get it cold quick then forgot about it, knows that it will freeze.

But, is your beer still good once you have thawed it out?

Well, the best, once frozen beer, we have ever had, happens this week on the show. That should be enough to get you to listen, I hope.

Okay, okay, what else might happen this week?…

  • Monkish is releasing a beer called “Bind PUG”, will Russian River be cool with this?
  • Tasting Nitch referenced us in a video, that’s pretty cool.
  • Any surprises from’s 2018 Top Craft Brewers in sales?
  • What four Indie Brewers turning Buyout would affect us the most?
  • Where the Unions at? Should there be more Unions in Beer?

This and a lot more beer geek fun!

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: PerfectPour294.mp3
43.1MB | 1:34:14 | Some Fowl Language

Cheers for the listening!

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