Porch Drinking and Beer Baskets: Episode 375!

Is this for real? Did a beer publication actually acknowledge the Perfect Pour? Well, it only took 375 episodes.

Yes, please check out the radness from PorchDrinking.com while you listen to us talk about that article, basket building at Whole Foods, Firkins, hot bars, whisky gondolas, and plenty more beer goods.

Also, details of Sober October happening within the show and what are some good non-alcoholic beer.

Thank you for listening!!

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Rad Stacey and the Soggy Bottom Boys of Craft Beer | The Perfect Pour #259

Full Circle "Dirty Bee" Milkshake IPA

Let’s welcome back @radstacey as we celebrate three years of the beer bar, Goldstein’s, and answer the question “Can you drink beer out of a camel pack?” We also tackle some other beer geeky things.

  • You will never guess what is the most popular beer at Goldstein’s – Mikey is still in shock.
  • Growers” is a funny beer name, okay?
  • Sparging is so hot.
  • Where is all the stout making advise?
  • Are you allowed to be a true Beer Geek if you don’t use the term “aqueous”?
  • This may be the first time multiple milkshake IPAs are drunk on the show.

Remember to make your best Fuchi Face while you listen.

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65.8MB | 2:23:53 | Fowl Language


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