It is not a good idea to blend too many inside jokes into a podcast episode. We know this. But sometimes we can’t help ourselves. So we have this page to help a new listener of the Perfect Pour figure out what the hell is going on so they can catch up with our shenanigans.

Here are some show terms and references to hopefully help you enjoy the show more.


  • A GetIt: a “Get It” is when two or more PP listeners are having a drinking session somewhere and mention the Perfect Pour. Using #GetIt and tagging us on social media, is encouraged.
  • Do You Even _____, Bro?: It is dated now but still, what’s better than Bro humor? We did it first, dammit! …alright, not first. But we’ve made it our own. In fact, we have made fun of bros so much we have apparently become them.
  • ”I Love GoooOOlld!”: Yep. It’s from Austin Power’s “Goldmember”. Yes, it’s dorky. Yes, it’s funny (to us anyway). We use it every time we open a beer on the show.
  • Situational Beer: You’re at a bar, party, wedding, restaurant and they don’t have anything you like to drink. But they have beer. And you really want a beer. The situation calls for one, no matter how bad.
  • Hey Guys! Can You Hear Me? I’m Drivin’!: It’s what Scotty B says every time he calls the show as, yes you guessed it, he’s driving. It’s morphed into other callers using it too. We think it’s pretty fucking sweet.
  • Indie Beer: Since Big Beer has been trying to buy so much craft beer, the term “craft beer” has become muddled. So we have joined fellow podcasters Three B Zine and SD Beer Talk in calling craft beer “Indie Beer” instead. It’s a work in progress but we’re trying to make it stick.
  • Starter Kit Door: We love going into liquor stores and looking at their cold beer doors. It’s exciting to find a new beer you haven’t seen before. But not all shops are the same. Some are just starting out. Some just have enough “craft beer” to fill most of a door. That is a “starter kit” door.
  • Buyout Beer: Now that Big Beer has bought so many craft breweries and other craft breweries have sold off major portions of their company to Big Beer, we needed a term for that segment of beer. Buyout Beer.
  • Top Pour: This is when you get the first pour from a shared bottle. You are a cool person when you give someone else the first taste of a bottle or can. Great human-ing!
  • Cold Transferred: When transferring beer from one vessel to the other it’s called “cold transferring.” At least we think that’s what it’s called. Or maybe it isn’t at all. We just know it’s fun to use the pretentious beer geek voice and ask our server “Is this beer cold transferred? I only drink cold transferred beer.”
  • Annoying Beer Geek Voice: Yeah, speaking of pretentious beer geek voice. Mikey does this one the most. It’s kind of a mix of California Girl and Comic Book Guy and is used with Ticker or just a random beer geek guy, or sometimes making fun of ourselves. Some listeners love it, some hate it. Some have “HAD IT.”
  • ”Keep up the good work, guys!” Is a common sign-off callers to the show would use once their call was done. So common that Paul From Fairfax wrote us bumper music for it.

There’s more but … can’t really remember them right now because of beer. If you’ve got one we use on the show you think should be included, let us know.


“Californian/Bro voice & driving route description”

“Myyyy sandwich!?”

“Say WHip”

Ron Swanson/”I know more than you.”

”It’s Over!”


A bit back, one of our favorite listeners, “Hillz Billz” and Joshua Tehee, lovingly came up with a drinking game for the show. Here it is:

Take a drink every time one of the following happens:
1. When Mikey does that bro beer voice. (I love it)
2. When Matt uses big words or speaks really formally.
3. When Nick and Mikey go off on a tangent and Matt gets annoyed.
4. When Nick says “Hello” in that German(??) voice.
5. When Mikey puts down another city. two drinks if that city is Portland!
😹😹 love you guys! thank you for doing this show. I enjoy it so much 💜

Very nice. If you’d like to step it up and really go for it, we suggest you add: Take a drink every time…

  • “I love goooold” is played.
  • A variant of “Hey guys, I’m drivin'” is used.

Please use this in a safe manner…and call us when you’ve made it through a whole show using it – we love hearing from drunks. Cheers! (559-492-0542)


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