Paul From Fairfax. The dude is super rad. So many little works of art Paul has given the show with his songs and drops.

We feel bad that he has given us so much musical content without any monetary payback. We suck.

Motivated by listeners, we set up this page, a page dedicated to Paul and all the music he has given the show!

Also, just in case you were feeling generous there is a PayPal setup, if you felt like giving. Your donation will be forwarded to Paul in the form of beer money for Paul and a charitable donation of Paul’s choosing.

Either way, enjoy all that Paul has given the show. Thanks to Scotty91 for the rad album art above!

New audio finds!:

Cold Transferred:

Voicemail (Power Pop):


Man Baby:

We will keep updating this album with new Paul music whenever we find it so come back to this page on the regular.

Thanks for the support of what Paul does and his music radness! Keep up the good work, Paul!