Stout Season Begins [Yep, we said “Season”]: The Perfect Pour #267

It’s NIck’s favorite beer time of the year: Narwhal Season.

That’s right, this week we go hunting for elusive imperial stouts because it is that time of year.

Also we discuss these beer things

Are you “pretzel necklace guy” at beer festivals? None of us are.

A big topic that is not getting talked about enough in the craft beer world: We have lost the restaurant game. It seems to only be getting tougher and tougher to find craft beer when going out to restaurants and it sucks.

Also this week, Untappd did an update to the app that added a new feature that is going to piss off some breweries.

Time to listen to all the beer things

That and more on this week’s Perfect Pour!!

Click to listen: PerfectPour267.mp3
48.7MB | 1:46:29 | Language Warning

[Voicemail start: 45:00. End: 1:03:40]

Thanks for listening.



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