Room Temp Beers and Orlando Bloom [Perfect Pour episode #358]

Please forgive Mikey’s awkwardness (he’s big dummy) during this week’s podcast episode.

Outside of that, yeah it’s a pretty normal episode. But we wanted to make sure you see and check out some links mentioned plus some not talked about. Also, some good people to follow.

Things to read and check out:

Some good beer people and breweries to follow on Twitter:

Please feel free to contact us (comment on the post or message us) with any more cool people to be following on Twitter or Instagram.

So yeah, not your normal show notes but we wanted to pass them along. Enjoy the episode; some good calls and good beers and good discussions about breweries and taprooms opening up.

You can listen here: PerfectPour358.mp3

We appreciate you being here. Keep your foot on the pedal. Be rad.