Places That Suck Because They Don’t Serve Beer

Great Notion “Double Blueberry Shake” Urban Roots “Rising Together” and New Glory Brewing “Use ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em”

Hey now, welcome to the show for having fun with your beer. This week we get into some things like:

  • Is it Lager or Session IPA season?
  • A water bottle is a bad vessel to have a beer from.
  • Some places suck without beer.
  • In & Out should totally add a beer to their menu.
  • Sonic has Hard Seltzer now?
  • There needs to be more Celeb Beers.
  • Is the Perfect Pour actually big in Iceland – this week we find out.
  • WCIPAs are showing up more and more again.
  • These and many other things!

download: PerfectPour461.mp3
[Some cussing involved]

Many cheers to you for listening!


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