Mustard Beer & Exploding Sours! [Episode 366 of The Perfect Pour]

Mustard Beer

As a listener of the Perfect Pour we wanted to make sure to tell you that Nick has a dishwasher out front of his house for you to pick up. It’s free and working!

Cool, so anyway, we do talk about the beer that had Beer Twitter all spicy this week: Mustard Beer from Oskar Blues & French’s. Do we like this or not?

Also, the Stone Brewing vs Sawstone Brewing reaches another level as Greg K chimes in.

And, did you MAKE OUT at the grocery store this week? Hangout or cruise any good parking lots?

Please do some beer business and listen!

CLICK: PerfectPour366.mp3

[WARNING!: Some bad language and bad takes by Mikey]

Thanks so much for listening!

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