Even Craft Beer Can Be Terrible

Mother Earth “Big Mother” TIPA, Sierra Nevada “Torpedo”, Topa Topa Brewing “Level Line”


It has been an eye-opening and disturbing week of news in craft beer. What started as a question by @ratmagnet has turned into one of the biggest things to even hit the craft community.

If you haven’t yet, read the story by Beth Demmon to find out what this is all about. A community that we sorta blindly think is the best around can also be the worst for women to work in.

That fact got dragged into the street this week, for all to see. We do not do it justice on the show, we try but, that’s really all.

There is also our normal beer schtick, but whatever. Please stay safe out there and thanks for the listen!

DOWNLOAD OR STREAM: PerfectPour408.mp3 (Some cussing)