A Place To Wait Out Craft Beer Trends – The Perfect Pour Beer Geek Show #271

We are entering another Dark Time for craft beer. Brewery closures and cutbacks are the trend, so it’s time to hunker down and wait it out until the next surge.

At least there is a lot of equipment out there to be had for the new breweries that are brave enough to open. And we have a lot more local taprooms than we did before the latest craft beer expansion, so there are places to wait things out.

This episode also has…

Nick went to Seattle and Portland and checked out their beer scenes. It seems nobody has told Seattle that we are in the middle of a Haze Craze and Nick wants everyone to leave them alone.

Taproom hoping with people that are not beer geeks can be fun… until about the third room.

Our 4th and final crowler in our Fieldwork Brewing series is cracked.

There was a Podcast Rep GETIT at Monkish Brewing.

Don’t forget, the Mr. Beer Kit is a system!

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