87 Octane Is The Lager Of The Gas World

Almanac Beer Co’s “The Future Is Fluid”, Liquid Gravity Brewing’s “Mo Diggity” and Karl Strauss & Sierra Nevada’s “What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?” Cold IPA

Welcome to the Perfect Pour – Episode 453!

This week go over some things like:

  • 87 Octane is the Lager of the gas world.
  • The updated list of the top 50 Craft breweries by volume.
  • The most checked-in Craft Beer in each state.
  • That Steve Austin Broken Skull IPA is having a week.
  • Is Montucky too sweet or are all Lagers like that?
  • Modern Times like these you learn to live again.
  • Where is Matt?!

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(Some cussing)

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