Untappd Beer Off: So Cal Reps vs Florida Reps #1

Here are some details that I have tried to compile for the first ever Perfect Pour Rep “Untappd Beer Off” happening over the weekend and started by listener, @Chewyourbeer.

What You Need To Know

You’ll want to be follow these “competitors” on Untappd and maybe Twitter:

Florida Reps:

  • @HoppyLibations
  • @FloridaSteve78
  • @Lumber_Jose
  • @Dlang55

So Cal Reps:

  • @cheewyourbeer
  • @whosecraft
  • @thefontanajim

Here are the rules as we have gathered from Chew:

  • 1 Point for a new (distinct) beer check-in on Untappd.
  • 1/2 Point if it is just a taster check-in.
  • Bonus 5 points for a Get It.
  • During a GetIt, all NEW (distinct) beer check-ins are worth double.
  • A GetIt must have a picture of said GetIt with the initial Untappd check-in.

Alright cool, but Chew just sprung this on everyone during today’s episode of the show. Not everyone can play, @HoppLibations may need @Dlang55 to replace her:

PRO Tip: Create a group in your Untappd APP with all the competitors so you can follow the battle easier. Look for the hashtag #UntappdBeerOff on social.

Something to follow this weekend and drink along with this weekend.


Keep The Belgium Witbier In Your Garage – The Perfect Pour #253

Nobody walks into a brewery and hopes that there is a Belgium Wit on. This is your takeaway this week.

Lots of other beer geeky things happen. Like, Matt starts a beer game we’ve never played before and Mikey might STILL be trying to figure it out.

Spend a couple hours with us talking and drinking beer. Pretty please?

CLICK: PerfectPour253.mp3
53.1MB | 1:56:08 | Bad Language


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