805 Day

What is 805 Day?

Firestone Walker Brewing makes the blonde ale “805” named after the area code for Paso Robles, the town Firestone is located in.

As far as blondes go, it’s fine. It’s a blonde. Blonde ales might be the most boring beer style in history so there really is nothing more you can say about it.

Except, with 805, there IS more

Firestone Walker, through a long running marketing campaign, has managed to create some culture around the 805 brand. Billboards, commercials, stickers and posters are common in areas where Firestone is available.

That culture though is a little odd to us beer geeks. It almost lives in its own beer-atmosphere. Not really Beer Geek but not really Big Beer either. Somewhere in between.

Trucks with light bars are involved, many of them dually trucks. Seriously, trucks in Fresno have 805 stickers in their rear window on the reg. And these people don’t strike oneself as Beer Geeks. More like Coors Tan Can Geeks.

It is an odd bit of beer culture that we regularly make fun of, in true pretentious beer geek fashion, on The Perfect Pour.

Which brings us back to 805 Day.

What to do for 805 Day

Perfect Pour listener and contributor, Paul From Fairfax, came up with the idea for listeners to simultaneously drink an 805 on August 5th (8/05) at 8:05 AM & 8:05 PM (or whichever one you can do).

So, with tongues in cheeks, that is what we will do.

Here is the 2018 Schedule of “events” for Sunday:

Nick: 8:05 AM – Nick will be drinking his 805 on Instagram Live (@perfectpourpod on IG).
Mikey: 8:05 PM – Mikey will be live on the Perfect Pour YouTube channel with his 805.

Use the #805day on your favorite social media – sure non-Perfect Pour listeners will be using it… but probably not that much.

The buzz has started

It’s coming. Get your 12 pack. Make a trade. Just be ready on August 5th at 8:05AM and 8:05PM.

Having fun at 805’s expense while simultaneously supporting it? Sounds like something we are all about.

Use #805Day and cheers, BRO!